Air Conditioning

Like many types of equipment, air conditioning is often split into groups which described by suitability to different users for instance residential, domestic, commercial, office and industrial. These groupings generally indicate the units size, capability and robustness.Air conditioners fall into one of three major groups; they are either monoblock, i.e units consisting of one block (window, portable, etc.) or they are split-systems which have an element for inside and a separate but linked element for outside the building, or they are multi-split where for a single outdoor element there are 2 or more linked internal elements. There are other types generically called chillers, which use water for the purpose of cooling.

Air conditioning equipment often represents a significant investment in capital as well as a business risk and as such needs professional installation, maintenance and repair. E&M have over 14 years of experience in installing maintaining and repairing all of the below types of airconditioners and support homeoweners, small business and large companies alike.

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